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The Journey


The Journey by Axl Le is about a planet where some mysterious experiments are being carried out in order to restore its nature. The inspiration for this work came from his first trip to Norway in 2017.

The short film consists of three parts: Awakening, sleep, and rebirth. Each part uses a different perspective to tell the story of the forest.

Awakening: Records and observations of an astronaut.

Sleep: Talks about the transformation of the astronaut. The planet transformed him, and he became a key part of the planet's recovery.

Rebirth: The revival of the god of life changes the entire planet.

I hope that after watching this, people will be more willing to protect nature and cherish everything that nature gives, rather than destroy her repeatedly.

Director and Visual Artist: Axl Le

Music & Sound Design: Echoic Audio

Features a sample from 'You are a Miracle' by Alan Watts

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Prequel work of <The Journey>

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