The Journey (2020) by Axl Le is about a planet where some mysterious experiments are being carried out in order to restore its nature.

The short film consists of three parts: Awakening, sleep, and rebirth. Each part uses a different perspective to tell the story of the forest.

Awakening: Records and observations of an astronaut.

Sleep: Talks about the transformation of the astronaut. The planet transformed him, and he became a key part of the planet's recovery.

Rebirth: The revival of the god of life changes the entire planet.

I hope that after watching this, people will be more willing to protect nature and cherish everything that nature gives, rather than destroy her repeatedly.

Directed & Animated by Axl Le

Music & Sound Design by Echoic Audio

Features a sample from 'You are a Miracle' by Alan Watts

The Journey short film

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Prequel work of <The Journey>