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The Journey


HD 3D film

Runtime: 3min48s

"The Journey" is a reflection on the relationship between humanity and nature. The work is inspired by the artist's travels to Norway. The film unfolds on a distant planet where a series of experiments are being conducted to restore the nature of the planet.

The short film consists of three parts: Awakening, sleep, and rebirth. Each part follows the story of the forest through different perspectives:

In "Awakening," we witness an astronaut's journey as he records and observes the planet. Through the astronaut's eyes, we see the beauty of nature.

In "Sleep," we witness the transformation of the astronaut, who becomes an integral part of the planet's recovery.

Finally, in "Rebirth," we witness the dramatic revival of the god of life, a representation of nature's resilience and power. 

The aim of the work is to create a visual experience that speaks to the heart and soul of the natural world. The work is a reminder of the urgent need to protect and cherish our planet.

Features a sample from 'You are a Miracle' by Alan Watts

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