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The Funeral


For many people, death is not the end, but a new journey. Through this video, Axl Le wanted to reflect on this journey by making the funeral itself a part of it.


"The Funeral" is the first film of the death trilogy. In the past two years, some relatives have left one after another, which made me start to seriously think about the meaning of life: what does death mean? For the deceased, for the bystanders, there are different meanings. The death trilogy are three works that I want to express with different story content and visuals: the universe, religion, and present.


Originally 8 minutes but shortened to 5 minutes, I wanted to get rid of unnecessary visual content to express my emotions. It is still a short film without dialogue, but all emotions are pinned on everything in this universe.


Director & Visual Artist: Axl Le

Music & SFX: Box of Toys Audio

Vocals: Nelly Monk

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