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The Six Realms of Reincarnation


Animated work

Heaven Realm: In the future, people will upload their consciousness to the cloud, entering a digital realm where anything is possible. This digitized world becomes the ultimate state of the Heaven Realm.

Ashura Realm: In this world of artificial intelligence, intelligence has reached extraordinary levels. When AI gains self-awareness, they engage in constant warfare with the Heaven Realm, striving to seize its position. Due to their frequent intrusion into other mechanical devices, they lack a fixed form and are ever-changing.

Human Realm: We exist in an era of active spiritual cultivation. By diligently practicing, we can accumulate more points. The accumulation of points determines our identity and attributes in the next cycle of reincarnation.

Hell Realm: This is the antithesis of the Heaven Realm, resulting from catastrophic consequences caused by malignant bugs in the cloud world. In this future world, consciousness is separated from the physical body, and people become trapped in an inescapable vicious cycle of systems.
Hungry Ghost Realm: In the future world, people are reduced to slaves of conscious artificial intelligence, becoming the lowest-tier labor force. They are immersed in a state of domination.

Animal Realm: Due to minor glitches in the cycle of reincarnation, a significant portion of consciousness remains trapped in the storage space of the previous life. People in the Animal Realm have lost the resistance of their spirit and physical bodies, living in a perpetual state of melancholy and unable to break free from their predicament.

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