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The Patient: Image


Captcha Game


"Prove You're Not a Robot" is a captcha inspired game featuring 100 image-based questions, encompassing various aspects of social news, history, art, and daily life. One of the challenges in the game is to pick which one is the correct one out of four images, where one is the original, and the other three have been altered with AI technology. Players are required to respond within a limited time frame of 15 seconds to each question. By completing the 30 random verification questions, participants demonstrate to the system that they are not robots.

This work draws inspiration from the captcha mechanism, a modern technology designed to differentiate humans from machines. With the advancement of AI technology, image manipulation has become increasingly effortless. This has led to many people questioning the authenticity of images.


This work is a reflection on the potential negative consequences lurking behind technological conveniences and intended to inspire further reflection on modern technology, what is authenticity, and the relationship between individuals and society. Furthermore, the work aims to provoke deep contemplation about the concept of "reality." In today’s rapidly evolving AI landscape, can we still grasp what is real?

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