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The Patient: Image


16:9HD 3d film

In this art project, I deeply utilized the capabilities of ChatGPT-4 to compose a series of creative dialogue prompts, aiming to reveal complex emotions and viewpoints under different storytelling backgrounds through role-playing. I personally took on the role of an explorer, conducting in-depth interviews with these carefully crafted virtual characters from a journalist's perspective. These conversations were transformed into a series of rich dialogue texts, which I further brought to life using 3D animation technology, making them visually compelling narratives. In terms of 3D technology, I appropriated a large number of interview videos and used AI facial capture technology to acquire the facial data of the interviewees, applying it to the character models I selected, serving as a metaphor for reality in this work.

By simulating the format of an American late-night talk show, this project is not just an exploration of the relationship between video games, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality; it also delves into how these technologies affect our understanding and perception of the real world. I employed a series of virtual characters in the work, not only as metaphors for the diverse aspects of real society but also as tools to explore and question the morality, ethics, and social equity of artificial intelligence in future societies.

The experimental nature of this work is reflected not only in its content and form but also in its attempt to combine technology with everyday reality in an absurd manner, thus provoking the audience to reflect deeply on the changes that artificial intelligence might bring in the future, potential inequalities and injustices within the gaming industry. My goal is to spark broader discussions and reflections on how technology shapes our lives and society through this unique form of artistic expression.

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