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Welcome to the digital world of Axl Le :)


Yi Le (乐毅) alias Axl Le

Digital artist and filmmaker currently living in Oslo, Norway/Shanghai, China

Born: 24 December 1989. Shanghai, China

Education: Shanghai University Fine Arts College 2008-2013


Axl Le and Korean Star Lee Minho Drop “New World, New Meta” Concept Film, June 2023

Nowness China: 不会吧,这个周末你又加班啦?, July 2022 (Chinese)


Nowness China: Season of Survival: Journey, June 2022 (Chinese)

InStyle China: HUNTER, April 2022 (Chinese)

Yahoo Finance: NFT and Digital Arts Festival, Alternative Reality, to Be Held at WOW Summit 2022, February 2022

WLDO: 주목해야할 천재 아티스트 , August 2021 (Korean)

Shots: Work anxiety just got a whole lot worse, Shots, July 2021

Stash Media: “The Patient” Short Film by Axl Le, July 2021

Fesch TV: THE PATIENT 病人 / AXL LE, July 2021

TheCGBros: CGI 3D Animated Short: "Vincent" - by Axl Le (Yi Le), July 2021

D&AD: Vincent, D&AD Awards 2021


Tank Shanghai: NOWNESS 2021天才计划, December 2020 (Chinese)

China Academy of Art: NOWNESS 2020 天才计划特别展映 中国美术学院美术馆站, December 2020 (Chinese)


Arte TRACKS: Cyberpunk: Ist die Dystopie schon Realität?, October 2020 (French/German)​​

Stash Media: “The Funeral” Short Film by Axl Le, November 2020​​​​

SHP Plus: The Cyberpunk Worlds of Axl Le|乐毅的赛博庞克世界, July 2020 (Chinese)

Stash Media: “Vincent” CG Short Film by Axl Le, May 2020

RADII: “I am Chinese, I don’t eat Dogs”: Inside Axl Le’s Post-Apocalyptic Recipe Book, April 2020

MODERN WEEKLY: An Undefined Answer of Future, March 2020 (Chinese)

The Sankei News:よりHPで先行公開!東京国際工科専門職大学・大阪国際工科専門職大学・名古屋国際工科専門職大学 2021年度TVCM (Japanese)

Pause Fest 2020

Stash Magazine: Join Axl Le and Alan Watts on “The Journey”, January 2020

NeoCha: Futureproof Geisha, December 2019

Nowre Fashion Magazine: 国潮都在做 “赛博朋克”,有什么不一样的?, May 2018 (Chinese)

Sohu: 关于未来主义视觉艺术,他有话要说, July, 2018 (Chinese)

Vogue China: 科颜氏“地球实验室”品牌年度盛典, November 2017 (Chinese)


2023 MAO Torino, The Six Realms of Reincarnation 2023, Italy


2023 Chosun Gallery, Seoul, South Korea (Solo Exhibition)


2023 CICA Museum, Nature 2023, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


2022 Loosen Art, Progress. On Contemporary and Future Society, Rome, Italy

2022 Siggraph Asia, Daegu, South Korea

2022 Digital Art Fair Asia, Hong Kong, China

2022 Usee潮流艺术设计展, Hangzhou, China

2022 EtherBarcelona, Barcelona, Spain


2022 NFT and Digital Arts Festival, Burj Park, Dubai

2021 OneOffs NFT 國際藝術博覽會, Taipei, Taiwan

2021 NOWNESS China New Talent Awards Exhibition—— Tank Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2021 IOSG 8th Old Friend Reunion is Coming | Scaling Summit & Metaverse Carnival, Shenzhen, China

2020 NOWNESS China New Talent Awards Exhibition

2020 中国电影美术学会色彩蒙太奇—— 电影装置艺术展

2019 Beijing International CG Art Biennale, Beijing FUN, Beijing, China

2019-2020塔台呼唤Do you copy?—— MoCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2018 海上80——上海青年艺术家作品邀请展·第二站, Urban Creative Space, Shanghai, China

2018 中华创世纪神话—— 互联网艺术大展, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2017 Blast数码一代展览, Himalayan Center, Shanghai, China

2017 Trans media exhibition 聚场, MoCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2016 Shanghai International Art Festival 白日梦想家, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai, China

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