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Animated work

Man, I love chewing gum!

All flavors, I like to chew two at a time,

Sometimes three,

Chewing gets me excited!

Every time I start chewing, the dopamine bursts the energy it's supposed to give me,

I also really like sugar-free gum,

All flavors, I like to chew five at a time,

Sometimes I chew eight,

But then I found that every time I finished chewing,

I had to go to the toilet…

This feels terrible,

I'm starting to hate chewing gum!

Three at a time,

Two at a time,

One at a time,

It didn't take me too long…

Quitting chewing gum is so easy!

But when the dopamine started to fade, my life became empty and boring again.

I started smoking again!

One, Two, Three,

A pack, Two packs, Three packs,

Oh man, I love cigarettes!

I have been smoking since childhood,

But when my teeth started to turn yellow and my lungs started to turn black,

I decided to try to quit smoking!

I chew gum again, nicotine gum!

One gum, Two gum, Three gum,

Three packs! Two packs! One pack!!!

Now I only smoke one pack a day and eat three packs of nicotine gum.

Thanks to modern technology, I have found a delicate balance in my life.

What a wonderful life!

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